Established in 2011, Atlas Lifestyle Co. was born from a long-standing and shared passion for timeless style, music trailblazers, unforgettable adventures and lifelong friendships. 

The Atlas Lifestyle Co. vision is to create a premium and classic collection of leather goods that is Australian-designed, handcrafted and made from the highest quality of materials. Every item is not only designed to get better with age, but to last the true test of time.

We’re inspired by places far from home and near to the heart — from greasy workshops to festival big tops — and our nearest and dearest who we constantly look to for style inspiration when designing each and every item.

Atlas Lifestyle Co. has been built by a community of friends who have dedicated their time and efforts to the brand purely because they believe in our vision as much as we do. And to them, we say thank you.

We hope you will love your Atlas Lifestyle Co. goods scuffed, stained and with a story to tell as much, or even more, as the day they land fresh in your mailbox. After all, the story is part of the journey.